Thursday, February 25, 2010


In Edmund Selous essay 'Birdwatching' included in 'By the Light of the Glow-worm Lamp', the author has a descriptive account of stone-curlew. It is the longest, captivating reading about watching birds. Wiki says the term for the activity took off with a book of Selous by the same name.
I can imagine the curlew going after a thistle- down. When he talks of dance, by thinking of it without music, one can see it in just the movements too. From the pattern we move to the unit actions that make it up.
Looking at a video of a plover flying, I had to be informed that plovers can fly too. For the little time I take to recognise these little shore birds, they walk around detecting food with their bills, it does not occur to me that they can fly. Given that they migrate, I have to believe it.
I have seen the stilts fly, but none of all the busy feeding shore birds. Maybe I should shadow them to learn all they can do. Then it would have to be done in different months too.

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