Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spindling cliff swallows

Cormorants would fly in batches, reel around an island of trees, dive into the water and flow with the currents.
Many of them leave flaps of water in their wake.
Today while looking at a picture of a gliding hawk, horizontal view, I was reminded of the extended 'r's we would use to denote birds in sketches.
A faint look at Sora.
Saw a hawk's claw, real pointy edges.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bird off the wire

Glass conspires to fly
Another time I saw this, I could just walk into the balcony and collect the feathers. Now sealed in a small ziploc which comes with an extra set of buttons in it. Then the feathers were of hummingbird, too small to picture.
This happened with a thud. I gathered my senses to call help if I needed to handle a miscreant. When I saw the feathers sticking I looked down to the ground and found a beautiful bird lying.
Bubbles Most life is christened when they are born but not so with this messenger from skies.
I looked for any prints on the glass like we were showed at an Audubon centre. The dove must have fared worse. And what of the hummingbird?